Archie is doing wonderful. He fits in perfectly with our family and seems to be very happy. He has lots of play dates with other dogs and is so friendly. We had a few small challenges but that is to be expected with a puppy and they were short lived. He is very healthy and hasn’t had any doctor visits other than his checkups/boosters.  We can’t thank you enough.
- Kim

Our Mazie is amazing!  We adore her.
- Margie

Charlie is doing great and has been a wonderful addition to our family. His temperament is great. He has proven to be very trainable (he sat completely still on the "wait" command while I took the attached picture) and responds to just about any of the five of us. Food or treats, of course, are a good motivator. To say he enjoys being outside in our yard is an understatement. I think he'd stay outside all day if we let him. And, just like Brandy, he loves to play ball. Charlie has done great through all of the chaos [of selling the house and moving], which is a great testament to his personality and adaptability.
- Todd

He's the love of our lives … Thank you!!
- Stacy

Winnie is doing wonderful. She is a very happy, playful pup. She loves playing with her toys, chasing balls, and meeting lots of friends and neighbors. She had her check up at the vet today. The vet said that she is very healthy and clearly well bred. She is doing great in puppy class! Winnie has brought so much joy into our home. She is a wonderful addition to our family!!
- Cathy

Having this fluffy little ball of lovin' join our family is one of the best decisions we have made! 
​​- Amy