​Six different shades of red!

Born July 7, 2018

​Take home date Sept 2

Photos by Sweet Captures Photography   http://www.sweetcaptures.com

Three Weeks Old

At four weeks old, they are toddling around and "wrassling". No teeth yet, but their tiny little barks saying, "I'm big and bad!" are hilarious. They love to snuggle, just like their Mama. They have started potty training and it's adorable to watch them explore the huge, amazing outside world!

❤ Two weeks old and their eyes are open! ❤ 

Hazel's Beautiful Cream-to-Red Puppies! Only two left!

Two Days Old!

Hazelnut X Dublin

Expected to be 20-25 lbs as adults (large mini).

Soft, wavy fleece coat.